On Moving Without Going Crazy

1. Accept your resistance to the move.

…you can do it!

2. Unpack immediately.

3. Stay in touch with people who matter to you.

4. Seek out your interests.

Challenge: Find Germans.

5. Explore nature around you.

6. Absorb the best of your new home.

7. Remember it’s an opportunity to start anew.

8. Question why you’re moving.

“Desperado” by the Eagles. Songwriting at its best.


  1. Online communities are an oxymoron. Human beings need real-life, proximal communities. Yuval Noah Harari has clear thoughts on this in the “Humans Have Bodies” chapter of 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.
  2. For more on finding meaning in hardship or suffering, read Man’s Search for Meaning by Dr. Viktor E. Frankl.
  3. Cal Newport’s goes deeper into this in his book Digital Minimalism.




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Manny Vallarino

Manny Vallarino

Site — mannyvallarino.net | Private Email List — mannyvallarino.net/list/

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