Lessons from SXSW 2019

Lesson 1: Listen to everyone.

Lesson 2: Get off screens and blink.

Lesson 3: “Disruptor” is not an occupation.

Lesson 4: Default to creative work and schedule promotional work.

Lesson 5: The people you admire are just people.

Lesson 6: Resist innovating for innovation’s sake.

Lesson 7: Showmanship isn’t necessary.

Lesson 8: When you’re not at your best, be a pro.

Lesson 9: Don’t hunch over your digital devices.

Lesson 10: People will ask you what you do, so have an answer.


Lesson 11: Carry a journal.

The Barton Creek Greenbelt in Austin, TX. Photo by Lars Plougmann. Lesson 12: Go hike here!




Site — mannyvallarino.net | Private Email List — mannyvallarino.net/list/

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Manny Vallarino

Manny Vallarino

Site — mannyvallarino.net | Private Email List — mannyvallarino.net/list/

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