How to Be Objective in Any Context

  • If you get in an argument with your parents over who was supposed to feed the dog, even though it was 100% on them, the Agents would be your parents and yourself, and the Situation would be the argument.
  • If you go on a karaoke date, the Agents are you and your date, and the Situation is the karaoke date you thought of to impress your date with your musical skills, failing to remember the fact that you’re mainly an instrumentalist, not a rock singer, and proceeding to butcher “Don’t Stop Believing”.

1. If you want to see an Agent or Agents with objectivity, leave the Agent(s) constant and switch out the Situation.

If you’re grabbing lunch at a great restaurant with your potential roommate, you might think “Hey, we get along great; surely we could share the rent!”

2. If you want to see a Situation with objectivity, leave the Situation constant and switch out the Agents.

If your significant other always says this one thing that makes you feel terrible about yourself, then that’s okay because no partner is perfect and all relationships have their problems, right?

“Be objective, dude.” — Aristotle, 2018



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